Parents Outraged After 4-Year-Old Gives Pole-Dancing Performance At School

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According to the DailyCaller, parents of the children at a London primary school aren’t happy after they were treated to a pole dancing exhibition during a school fair in which a very young girl was a part of.

Apparently a four-year-old girl took part in the pole dancing display at Crockenhill Primary School, and the dancers ranged in age up to 12 years old.

According to one of the fathers that saw the sickening display, “A lot of people were upset about it.”

“They were performing a routine to music in inappropriate clothing and they had children doing it and I just thought, ‘this is so wrong.’”

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As if allowing such young children to engage is such disturbing activities wasn’t enough, the girls were also wearing next-to-nothing ensembles which further enraged concerned parents.

“If it was a leotard, fair enough, but for what they were wearing, and having their faces made up, it just wasn’t right,” the unidentified father said. “I felt like I was entering something quite unsavory.”

The angered father and other parents decided they couldn’t take it anymore and left the event in protest.

The school had a dance company come to perform the routine. Sarah Warshow, who’s an administrator at the school, defended the pole dancing as a way for children to keep in shape.

“There was one performance by the teacher and some by the children,” she said. “It’s great for the children to keep fit and it’s fun as well.”

The company who put on the show is called Revolutions Pole Academy, and they played songs that ranged from “The Lion King” to “Holding Out for a Hero” to the 1984 hit “Footloose.” The owner of the dance troupe, Cat Ledbetter, also performed to the song “Let it Go” from the popular kid’s movie “Frozen.”

Ledbetter too defended the routine, saying “I don’t feel there is anything inappropriate in what was displayed at the fair.”

“It’s a huge over-reaction,” she added, then said that she believed not allowing little girls to dance on a pole like a stripper would be “putting a stigma on it.”

Do you think four-year-old girls should be learning how to pole dance? Let us know with a comment!

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