Ignoramus DESTROYED After Asking Why All Muslims Are Portrayed Badly

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In the times we live, many seem to feel obligated to tip toe around the “religion of peace” fearing persecution after speaking the God-awful truth regarding the Muslim religion. Not afraid to mince words, Brigitte Gabriel recently put into the most glorious set of words the exact problem with Muslim extremists and boy are Liberals pissed off about it.

Of course, trying to infect society with the notion that we must always be tolerant of one another, you can see why they’d be so mad after watching the video. The fact of the matter is, if they could look past the tips of their own noses, they could easily see the valid point she made during a recent Heritage Foundation conference.

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Completely obliterating a Muslim American woman who puffed her chest asking why the Right always demonizes the Muslim religion as a whole, Gabriel inferred that it isn’t the peaceful majority of Muslims that concerns the world but the 300 million radicals that do.

She then references the Nazi’s in Germany, although being the minority “extremists,” they were able to put to death over 60 million innocents they deemed fit to die. She eventually wrapped up her masterful response saying that as an American she should be worried more about the deaths of four Americans that have gone unanswered by the U.S. government rather than the reputation of her religion that is infected by as much as 1 in 4 with jihadist ideals.

What do you guys think – did Gabriel hit the nail on the head with this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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