Woman’s $7k Breast Implants EXPLODE Inside Her Body

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A British woman who had incredibly large breast implants got the shock of her life when they exploded inside of her body.

Nine years ago, Kim Brockhurst had surgery to enlarge her breasts. Originally she wanted to go from a 32AA to a 32B size, but ended up with DDs instead and recently she noticed that they had become misshapen and didn’t look right.

“My breasts slowly went out of shape,” Brockhurst said. “It was a terrible time.”

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Unfortunately for Brockhurst, her $7,000 boob job had failed miserably and was leaking industrial-strength silicone into her body. The 51-year-old fitness instructor was forced to have reconstructive surgery on her breasts in order to fix what are called Poly Implant Prothese, or PIP, a type of implant that wasn’t authorized at first.

The product was originally meant for use in mattresses and went into liquidation in 2010 after they were recalled. However that wasn’t before over 400,000 women had them inside their bodies and were affected by the bad implants.

During her surgery to have them fixed, Brockhurst said that the silicone was coming out of her breasts “like milk.”

Brockhurst had to take a different approach to getting the surgery as well since she couldn’t afford to have it done and the British healthcare system would only cover removing the bad implants. So she decided to go on and star on the reality show “Botched Up Bodies.”

Brockhurst said that while the surgery was disgusting to see, she’s happy to have the implants fixed.

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