Radical Gays Banned From “Counseling” Youth Into Homosexuality

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As the tolerant left continue to demonize family and faith loving individuals in an attempt to bully their way into acceptance, it seems the LGBT community recently tried to sneak one past Massachusetts residents. Fortunately a bill was caught in time and effectively spoken out against – so much in fact that it was dropped – that would have allowed for radical gays to “counsel” young children into becoming homosexuals.

The entire situation is actually quite sickening as it preys off of sexually traumatized children, specifically those that had been raped, into coming over to their homosexually believing side. The overall notion of Bill H3907 states that because those who are sexually molested or raped at a young age have the tendency to become gay, counselors are not allowed to try and fight this “natural” process.

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In a sick sense of profiting off the horrendous and sickening trauma of children, the homosexual community effectively wished these young kids to rather accept and forever be tormented by their past rather than be properly treated for it. Once grass roots organizations caught wind of the matter, they quickly sprung into action prompting the Ways and Means Committee to quietly drop the bill from their proceedings.

Gays have long fought for acceptance in the world we live today but in order to recruit by exploiting other’s childhood trauma is no more disgusting than the animal that committed the unspeakable deed in the first place. What do you guys think – how truly nauseating is this attempted effort by the homosexual community? Let us know in the comments below.

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