Idiot Thugs Ruthlessly Assault Homeless Man, Post Vid To Facebook

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In a cringe worthy new video, a pack of violent thugs recently decided to try their hand at the infamous “knockout game.” After selecting their victim, a 58-year-old homeless man, while recording, one punk approached the man, blasted him in the face and they later posted the video to Facebook.

Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood explains, “It was a violent, vicious, cowardly, punk act. He’s lucky he didn’t kill him.” For those of you still unaware of what the knockout game is, assailants pick a victim at random, and only get one punch to try and knock that person unconscious.

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“They were conspiring to go in and do the knockout game thing on this guy,” Chitwood continued. “It fits the profile: They plan it, they videotape it and they Facebook it. The whole thing, and they did it all.” Backtracking the video after finding it on Facebook, they were able to locate where the video was recorded.

Shockingly, when they arrived at the station, they found the same victim sitting there and later announced that he was a semi-homeless man who really just had no place else to go. Apprehension of the vicious thug doesn’t seem to be too far in the future as Chitwood notes that their office has been inundated with calls ever since the attack regarding the identity of the assailant.

So he should know we are coming and when we break his door down and take him out in cuffs, he’ll know we got him,” he concluded. “Thank God we’re not dealing with rocket scientists.” What do you guys think – what is adequate punishment for such a vile act? Let us know in the comments below.

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