Obama’s America? Clerk Fights Against ‘Flash’ Robbery At Chicago Clothing Store


June 17, 2014 12:25pm PST

Another instance of a “flash mob” robbery has occurred, this time in Chicago, Illinois.

Surveillance video shows a mob of a dozen or so people brazenly walk into the K&G Clothing store with their own bags, fill them up, then attempt to walk out without paying. However they weren’t expecting one of the store clerks to actually fight back since the store was so busy.

Shortly after, a group of female thieves attempt to walk out and the employee surprises them, grabbing one of their bags and throwing it back into the store.

Unfortunately, all of the thieves were able to make an escape and the store manager said that they did make off with some stolen goods.

“We were able to retrieve $2,200 worth of merchandise, but we’re estimating that they walked away with at least $1,200 worth of merchandise,” Celestine Williams said.

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