Gun Control Zealot Makes Shocking Admission Upon Leaving Bloomberg’s Group

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The outgoing executive director for former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group “Everytown for Safety” made a shocking admission in an interview with the Wall street Journal. He was the man that would appear on television pushing for stricter regulations after every mass shooting, and now he’s saying it’s all a farce.

His interview with the WSJ he revealed that he actually believe that more gun control is the answer to preventing mass shootings, especially the expanded background checks. He also admitted that the gun control movement hasn’t solved a single problem to date, which is something us Second Amendment loving Americans already knew.

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According to the Wall Street Journal:

And Mr. Glaze said the movement hasn’t solved one of its signature problems: Many mass shootings wouldn’t have been stopped by tighter regulations proposed  by gun-control advocates, even if they might have prevented other gun crimes.

 The most attention on gun control comes after mass shootings – just look at the post-Newtown push and the brief attention paid to the issue after the Memorial Day weekend shootings in Isla Vista, Calif. Yet virtually none of the solutions gun-control groups are pushing would have prevented any of the massacres that capture public attention.

“Because people perceive a mismatch in the policy solutions that we have to offer and the way some of these mass shootings happened, you know, it is a messaging problem for us, I think. … Is it a messaging problem when a mass shooting happens and nothing that we have to offer would have stopped that mass shooting? Sure it’s a challenge in this issue.”

His revelations put the anti-gun group Everytown in a bit of a conundrum, wouldn’t you say? If the man who has been the face of the group is admitting that he doesn’t think the group’s ideas will fix anything, how can anybody have faith in what they’re pushing?

Regardless of what the gun-grabber say, people on both sides of the issue actually want to stop mass shootings. However those actually concerned with effective solutions realize that taking away guns from law-abiding people isn’t the answer, regardless of what Obama or the anti-gun groups say.

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