Was Obama’s Latest LGBT Executive Order In Exchange For Cash?

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Mr. “pen and phone” is at it again as he most recently bypassed Congress in order to enact an Executive Order prohibiting the workplace discrimination of those within the LGBT community. As it turns out, he was pushed to go through with yet another unconstitutionality by one of his largest donors.

The question here is; if you have enough money, can you buy legislation or even the presidency?

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According to the Washington AP:

The president has resisted signing the order in hopes Congress would pass a broader non-discrimination measure that would apply to nearly all employers. While the Senate passed the legislation last year, the measure has languished in the Republican-led House and there is little sign that lawmakers will take it up in an election year.

As it turns out, one of the men responsible for raking in some of the largest amounts of donations for Obama, Chad Griffin, is cheering the loudest for his most recent action. President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin, stated, “By issuing an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people, the president will not only create fairer workplaces across the country, he will demonstrate to Congress that adopting federal employment protections for LGBT people is good policy and good for business.”

According to Sweetness & Light, “Chad is the guy who forced Obama to publicly support gay marriage before he would do any more fundraising for him in the 2008 campaign.”So what’s effectively happened here is Obama has done something – which mind you he spoke out against before his presidency – in exchange for donations (a.k.a. cash), proving he’s nothing more than your average sell out.

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Proving this point even further, the AP also “coincidentally” noted, “The announcement comes a day before Obama attends the Democratic National Committee’s annual gay and lesbian fundraiser in New York.” Hmmmmm – what a coinkdink! Can you say, “ka-ching?”

What do you guys think – is Obama really a sellout looking for as big a payout that he can get before he departs? Let us know in the comments below.

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