Sheriff Arpaio Outrages Obama Administration with Harsh Statement

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Border Patrol housing facilities for illegal immigrants are literally busting at the seams these days as amnesty hopefuls continue to flood in. As Obama allows this to happen for one singularly transparent reason however, it seems that not everyone is on board with allowing for foreign nationals to continue breaking our nation’s laws.

Perhaps speaking out about this the loudest is Sheriff Joe Arpaio who recently shared with Sean Hannity that our border patrol agents are too busy changing diapers to go after dope smugglers. As it stands, Border Patrol is fully tied up in the massive influx of illegal’s crossing the border where many are unaccompanied minors, shifting agent’s jobs from that more in line with national security to that of a baby sitter.

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Obviously as those protecting our nation’s borders are too busy tending children citizens of another country, it has left our borders virtually opened allowing anyone to pass through due to diminished – or redirected – resources.

Shockingly, Arpaio went on to note that he thinks, “the president knew this was going to happen.” Unfortunately for Obama it appears that the overwhelming circumstance may backfire as Border Patrol is left so befuddled that they’re effectively responsible for the creation of current inhumane conditions.

Illegal aliens, instead of immediately packed onto a plane and flown home, are being housed for days or weeks on end, in a packed warehouse with nowhere to go. These warehouses are packed full of disease ridden illegal’s who are filthy creating an unhygienic and all around unsafe environment.

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The sheriff expressed his further warranted frustration saying, “This is a great country. You’re trying to tell me we can’t keep people from coming into our country if we really had the desire to do it? I don’t buy it. There’s something wrong.”

What do you guys think – did Apraio hit the nail on the head with this one? Let us know your thoughts on the entire situation in the comments below.

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