Islamists Slaughter Soldiers in Mass Graves, Post Gruesome Pictures Online

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As those belonging to the religion of peace rage on, killing innocents by the thousands, it appears that others have evoked the right to do so in their own prospective regions. Most recently, Muslims in a Kenyan village began knocking on doors and swiftly killing anyone that was not Muslim or did not speak Somali.

The attacks took place in the Mpeketoni village where reports are emerging of 48 people having been killed and the town left smoldering. Apparently encouraged by the acts of their brothers in the Middle East, Muslims everywhere are raising their pitchforks (or fully automatic AK-47’s) in the name of Allah.

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About 30 gunmen terrorized the town almost entirely without resistance from law enforcement. They reportedly went door-to-door, where they entered the homes, asked if they were Muslim and spoke Somali, and killed anyone who answered “no,” to either question.

Village resident Anne Gathigi explained, “They came to our house at around 8pm and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims. My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest.”


Her story was unfortunately not the only one as another resident, John Waweru, shared, “My brothers who stay next door to me were killed as I watched. I was peeping from my window and I clearly heard them speak to my brothers in Somali and it seems since my brothers did not meet their expectations, they sprayed them with bullets and moved on.”

As previously stated, the Muslim extremists brutally and mercilessly gunned down 48 innocents and also set the town on fire. By morning the men had been gone, but the town was still battling flames in two hotels, several churches and many cars that had all been intentionally set ablaze.


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Despite Muslims claiming that they’re not all alike and that they truly represent peace, it becomes clearer every day just how large a percentage of this religion doesn’t quite agree with such a notion. Acting more out of mob mentality than clarity of mind, it’s enough to wonder where next will be struck by such atrocities in the name of Allah.

What do you guys think – is this an accurate representation of how the Islamist religion truly is, or is this just a radical few? Let us know in the comments below.

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