Idiot Girls In Bikinis Try Bike Shotgun Stunt, Almost Blow Feet Off

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Showing the exact problem as to why gun owners have such a hard time, two complete idiots recently set out to perform a stunt. While one moron drove the bicycle, the other sat atop the handlebars with a shotgun loaded with live ammunition.

As the video made clear, the girls had never handled a gun before and didn’t even know where to stick the ammunition. Still the even more incompetent cameraman egged on the girls to do something entirely dangerous.

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After fully thrown gun safety out the window, the girls went through with their stunt, and after falling off the bike the first time because of the gun’s recoil, the dumb duo decided to give it another go. This time however, it could have gone so much worse as the girl on the handlebars slipped forward falling off the bike, and as the gun pointed down to her feet, she pulled the trigger.

Luckily for her, she hit nothing but the ground, but the idiots walked away with only a laugh rather than a valuable lesson. Let us know what you guys think of this ridiculous occurrence in the comments below.

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