World Cup Tries To Entice Fans By Enlisting Help Of Sexy Model

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Despite soccer – or futbol (football) as the rest of the world refers to it – not being the biggest sport here in the United States, the rest of the world seems to have stopped spinning as the World Cup is underway. In an effort to entice a few more fans that would otherwise be uninterested, the World Cup has enlisted the help of Adriana Lima who recently came out with quite the sexy commercial.

Recently having been declared the ambassador of the World Cup, the 32 year old model is taking to recruiting a few more fans to take interest in her beloved pastime. In the commercial, she takes to confronting an American football team and after leaving them with their jaws on the ground she states, “In my country, this is football.”

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She then takes re-dressing some baseball fans as well before redecorating their homes and making her way to a bar. In the bar, she captivates male patron’s attention before finally switching the channel on the TV over to a soccer game.

The ad seeks to accurately bring across the meaning of the slogan, “For one month, let’s all be Futbol fans.” So what do you guys think – will you be flipping the ol’ tube over to a soccer game this evening? Let us know how effective you thought this ad was in the comments below.

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