Huge Mob Rallies Behind Abused Woman, Teaches Wife Beater A Lesson

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In a video sure to make you cringe, a run-of-the-mill abuser was caught on camera beating his wife in public for an undisclosed reason. As soon as members of the community learned what was happening, they swiftly took charge and delivered a good dose of street justice to the wife beater.

The video kicks off as the woman is being slapped and punched in the face/head as her abuser appears to be getting angrier as time progresses. Soon enough, the woman was resting folded over as she took a break in between blows when her “lover” kicked her in the head and smashed it into a nearby cart.

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The woman immediately fell backwards onto the pavement appearing as if she’d been knocked unconscious. It wasn’t long however that a whole swarm of men came over and began an assault of their own on the man demanding he pick on someone his own size.

What do you guys think – will he lay his hands on this woman again? Let us know in the comments below.

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