Amnesty Runaround: Illegal Aliens Soon To Become “State Citizens”

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As the idea of gifting those who break our nation’s laws with citizenship remain that of something in the future, many Democrats are seeking alternative ways of doing just that. Most recently, NY politicians have announced a bill that would allow for illegal aliens to be granted “state citizenship,” in just three years.

The plan states that as long as an illegal alien looking for citizenship can prove that he/she has worked and paid taxes in the state for the past three years, they will simply be noticed as a citizen of NY and will also be made available to another whole slew of services and benefits.

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According to the NY Daily News, “They could get a driver’s license, a professional license, Medicaid and other benefits controlled by the state. Immigrants would also be eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid.”

Although Left leaning politicians are hopeful that such a bill will pass, it seems highly unlikely since significantly more mild propositions have had a rough time trying to get through Albany. According to Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), “Obviously this is not something that’s going to pass immediately, but nothing as broad as this or as bold as this passes immediately.”

So what do you guys think – is this just another pathetic attempt at making available the United States’ resources to those who don’t deserve them in exchange for votes? Let us know in the comments below.

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