DOJ Official Has Shocking Proof IRS Lied About Losing Emails

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In the wake of the IRS claiming that they lost the emails of Lois Lerner from 2009-2011, a Department of Justice lawyer has come out and called the claim that a computer crash would cause it “laughable.”

The lawyer wished to remain anonymous, but they contacted the PowerlineBlog to set the record straight on the insanity coming from the Obama administration.

They wrote:

“I’m a DOJ lawyer, so you obviously cannot use my name or any identifying information. But the idea that a “hard drive crash” somehow destroyed all of Ms. Lerner’s intra-government email correspondence during the period in question [2009-2011] is laughable. Government email servers are backed up every night. So if she actually had a hard drive fail, her emails would be recoverable from the backup. If the backup was somehow also compromised, then we are talking about a conspiracy.

Keep up the good work.”

He even went further in his postscript:

“I’m serious about your keeping any identifying information out of the media. Things are very, very bad.”

As this unfolds we’re sure to see more shocking revelations develop from the most corrupt administration in history. It’s only a matter of time before something takes them down, the question is if Republicans will have the spine to act or not.

What A Coincidence: IRS Loses Two Years Of Lois Lerner’s Emails

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