Countless Women Unveiling For Ex-Muslim Photo Project

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As the world and society continue to evolve it seems as though even Muslim women are waking up to the realization regarding the primitive standards that the Islamic religion impose on its believers. Now conscious of its hypocrisy, several ex-Muslim women have recently come forward to public unveil in an act of blatant defiance.

The Ex-Hijabi Fashion Photo Journal has put together and is orchestrating a photo project that encourages women to unveil. According to the site, the purpose of the project is aimed at, “Celebrating body and fashion for those who have broken away from Islamic modesty norms.”


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They further explain what they’re looking for:

Featuring ex-hijabis with awesome hairstyles and tattoos and piercings. Ex-hijabis in bikinis and little black dresses and cargo pants and hiking boots. Ex-hijabis who are femme and ex-hijabis who are butch. Ex-hijabis who are women and ex-hijabis who are men. Ex-hijabis topless and legsome and all decked out and minimalistic and with long hair and buzzcuts and everything. EVERYTHING.

The woman responsible for the project claims that her goal is to offer the opportunity for women to come, “from a life of obscurity to one where they can model and fashion their own bodies as they please.”





The Islamic religion comes with quite the bafflingly hypocritical mindset that heavily favors men, so much in fact that removing your coverings would actually justify a man’s actions if he were to rape you. As women are forced to live a life of oppression in the name of a god that apparently loves half his creation more than the other, its no wonder why women are jumping ship at the first opportunity.






What do you guys think – is this a step in the right direction for women in the Muslim community? Let us know in the comments below.

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