Texas Police Chase down SUVs Carrying Dozens Of Illegals

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Our southern border has been under attack by illegals for some time now, and with Obama’s recent promise of amnesty it’s getting even worse. There’s thousands of people pouring over the border daily, and the Obama administration has refused to do anything about it.

A recent video captured by sheriffs in Texas shed light on the massive problem with illegals crossing the border and just how out of control it really is.

The dash cam footage from a cruiser in Karnes County, Texas shows a chase involving a pair of SUVs loaded to the max with illegal aliens along US Highway 181. While in pursuit, the vehicles stop out of nowhere and dozens of illegals come pouring out of them and scatter into the brush.

According to the county sheriff, Dwayne Villanueva, incidents like this happen much more often than are reported. The Sheriff described the situation as “overwhelming” and said that this type of thing is happening with more frequency and with younger people as well.

“There was several that were juveniles they’re a younger generation,” said Villanueva.

He said most of the people seen in this video were from Honduras and that deputies were able to apprehend 25 of the 30. One of the drivers was also taken into custody and they’re searching for the other.

While it’s being reported that ICE is investigating the incident, it’s just about a guarantee that not much will be done about it. Obama has repeatedly shown his contempt for U.S. immigration policy while Holder has refused to uphold the current laws on the books.

As our nation is taken over by illegals they’re both standing by and allowing it to happen. At this point, how could anybody believe that they’re not doing it intentionally to usher in the next wave of Democrat voters?

Obama Opens Flood Gates For Mexican Gang Members To Cross Border Illegally

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