Watch Brave Clerk Fight Back Against Sawed-Off Shotgun Wielding Thief

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A petite woman was recently tasked with the decision to either hand over her day’s earnings or fight for what was hers. When confronted with this decision while facing a thug with a sawed off shotgun, the mother bravely chose to fight rather than give something to someone who didn’t deserve it.

Ranvir Bassi, 35, was closing up for the night at her family-run shop when a man suddenly burst in the door. As her daughter was in the back room with her, Bassi became instinctual when the man put a gun in her face and demanded she hand over the money.

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Instead of doing what the masked man said however, while “reaching” for the bag he was holding out, she slyly continued her reach and grabbed hold of the barrel of the gun. From there, she began to vigorously shove the would-be-thief until he was on his way out the door and making a mad dash to ensure he wasn’t captured by police.

Sadly for him, it appears that he was, as police soon announced the apprehension of a 17-year-old boy. Apparently he had been given the gun by men he had owed quite a bit of money who ordered him to commit the deed.

What do you guys think – was what Bassi did brave or completely stupid? Let us know in the comments below.

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