‘Why don’t You F***ing Shoot Me?!’ Video Of SWAT Standoff With Open Carrier

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A Michigan man ended up in a tense standoff with police after he was spotted walking down the street while brandishing a rifle. As a result, police shut down an entire block and called in SWAT, who then negotiated with the man and ended the confrontation peacefully.

Several people called 911 after seeing an elderly man who was possibly intoxicated wandering down the street with what they believed to be an assault rifle. Police responded to the scene and attempted to arrest him for jaywalking, however he resisted and told the officers his name was “Joe Schmoe.” He also allegedly accused police of being gang members and repeatedly grabbed his crotch and taunted them.

“Why don’t you f*cking shoot me?!” the man yelled.

Eventually, the negotiator convinced him to surrender his weapon and it was returned to him the next day. The man wasn’t charged with a crime either, since Michigan allows the open carrying of weapons, just not brandishing them.

After reviewing the report, the detectives felt the officer was right in taking the gun for safe keeping for that time because of the response they got back from the gentlemen who was walking down the street actually carrying the gun and moving it from shoulder to shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to present to the prosecutor’s office,” the assistant police chief said.

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