Chris Matthews Defends Tea Party, Demands Liberals Stop Looking Down Noses

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The Left had yet another Tea Party hate bash during a segment on the exponentially flopping show hosted by Ronan Farrow. During that time, the host decided to give a little chuckle-filled spiel in which he asked the highly progressive Chris Matthews his thoughts on a few opinions Farrow was attempting to pull off as fact.

Surprisingly, ol’ tingles shot back at Farrow saying, “This looking down our noses at the Tea Party people has got to stop.”

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Matthews then proceeded to explain to the millennial host saying that the Tea Party is comprised of several intellectual and competent minds and just laughing them off isn’t going to do anything. Instead, he shared that if they want to come out ahead, they’re going to have to treat them as they would any other political foe.

Proving that the Tea Party is making massive strides, you can tell ground is being made when Matthews gives a lecture to his left leaning pals on the gravity of the situation. The fact that he took Farrow to school for using opinion as fact when talking about professor popularity just made the clip all the more better.

What do you guys think – what would cause Matthews to jump ship like that? Let us know in the comments below.

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