Tolerant Liberals Offer Disheartening Words For Captured Jewish Teens

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The tolerant Left, if anything, have proven time and time again that the only people they’re tolerant for is themselves and anyone that aligns with their own political ideology. As three Jewish teens were recently kidnapped amidst the crisis between Israel and Palestine, Liberals took once again to portraying their true selves.

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Although we know hashtag campaigns do very little (if anything at all) to help a cause outside of raise awareness, one activist group put out a tweet making the public aware of the boy’s abduction. As usual though, the first to jump on the hate train was that of our leftist pales swore to equality.


Take a peek below at just some of the warming messages offered by progressives from the states:

jew2jew3 jew4

Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

So what do you guys think – when will people finally look past the flawed façade liberals put up and see them truly for the manipulative hate fiends they truly are?

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