How Do Democrats Celebrate Flag Day? Not Like Real Americans

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While the rest of us celebrate Flag Day by appreciating the worldwide symbol of freedom, the Democrat party took a slightly different, and much less American approach by tweeting out a picture of a Hispanic child wrapped in a flag. What flag he’s wrapped in isn’t entirely clear, however one thing is; It’s not Old Glory.

While it’s no secret that our Democratic counterparts are clearly un-American, they’re definitely getting more brazen in their contempt for our great nation and their desires to transform it into a Euro-socialist hellhole.

Fortunately the Twitterverse lashed out at their idiocy:

More than likely they were trying to make a political statement regarding the recent flood of illegals across the border, but there’s a time and a place for that. Americans are sick of the left politicizing everything to further their agenda and it’s starting to show.

Hopefully they’ll keep it up and make themselves irrelevant before too long.

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Democrats Quietly Pushing Constitutional Amendment To The Bill Of Rights

[H/T: DailyCaller]

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