Nanny State Reaches New Low: Paper Clips Now Classified As “Deadly Weapons”

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As we watch Liberalism continue to infect our nation in an attempt to create a fictitious haven where threats to life and emotion are non-existent, it appears yet another idiocy has been placed on the list of “deadly weapons.” Recently suspended was a young school boy who just so happened to bend one of these dastardly weapons capable of mass murder into the wrong shape.

This is real folks – just take a peek at the high capacity option available as pictured on this child’s wrist:


Apparently this boy happened to bend his paperclip into something that resembled a gun – a notion that sent the teacher into such a huffy that she immediately reported it to the school’s administration. Making the teacher look even more asinine than she already did, her after-incident report claimed that she had, “found a sharp object,” in the boy’s possession that, “‘was in the shape of a weapon.”


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If we’re going to stoop to such lengths to ensure the safety of the children, the question here is why are we randomly picking our oddities? Why not go for gold? Anything heavy enough to cause damage when thrown should be ruled a weapon. Sharp enough to puncture skin? Weapon.

What do you guys think – how out of hand is Liberal ideology? Let us know in the comments below.

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