Disgruntled Hockey Fans Show Us How To Bring Down A Drone


June 15, 2014 8:08am PST

Multiple videos have surfaced online showing a crowd of celebrating hockey fans knocking an LAPD drone out of the sky outside of the Staples Center on Friday night following the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup finals.

When riot police were called to break up what was described as a “melee,” they launched their aerial surveillance drone to monitor the crowd. The celebrating crowd didn’t appear too happy about having the drone over the, so they started throwing whatever they could at it until they were able to knock it out of the sky and destroy it.

A separate clip that doesn’t show the drone has people chanting “we got the drone! We got the drone!”

As of Sunday the LAPD had not commented on the incident. However people have commented that the drone in the video may have been one that is available to consumers and privately owned.

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[H/T: BusinessInsider]


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