Edward Snowden Rendition Plot EXPOSED

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Government leaker Edward Snowden surely had an adrenaline pumping few days after fleeing the country and exposing the NSA snooping program. As it turns out, that anxiety may have been well founded as its just coming to light that admits his travels there was a CIA rendition plot in which the government hoped to capture Snowden, return him home and try him for treason.

Apparently new facts have come to light showing that a CIA plane, linked to past renditions, surfaced on its way to Snowden’s then-current location. According to one internet aircraft-tracking enthusiast, “The plane showed up on our system at 05:20 on 25 June. We knew the reputation of this aircraft and what it had done in the past.”

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The plane was allegedly headed to Moscow, but was for some reason grounded in Copenhagen where it stayed put until it’s depart back to the states. The plane, with the tail number N977GA, has been regularly used during the, “CIA’s program of extraordinary rendition against terrorist subjects.”

Needless to say when the government tried to dip its hands into Russian territory in order to retrieve the scheming whistleblower, they hit a resounding brick wall. At the time, an official explained to Interfax, Snowden has not committed any crimes on Russian territory. In addition, Russian law-enforcement agencies have received no instructions through Interpol to detain him. So we have no grounds to detain this transit passenger.”

From there, the rest is history as Snowden was granted temporary asylum despite the current administration most heart-felt hopes. What do you guys think – did Snowden get quite lucky in this aspect? Let us know in the comments below.

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