INSANE: Man Catches HUGE .50 Cal Bullet

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In a video sure to excite, a man was able to set up a contraption that allowed him to catch a 50 BMG incendiary round. As seen in the video, a series of deceleration water tanks are used all backed by a cinder block wall.

During the video, viewers get an amazing view of the incendiary round igniting in the second jug of water which sends it flying. The first just has a simple entrance and exit wound whereas the third just was busted open as the round probably destabilized and either penetrated or exit sideways.

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As the cameraman inspects the cinder block backdrop, he’s delighted to learn that there is an entrance hold, but not an exit meaning the round was stuck inside. From there, he disassembles his contraption and recovers the fired bullet.

What do you guys think – pretty cool huh? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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