Feds Now Advertising For Baby Sitters To Help Cope With Influx Of Illegal Aliens

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As many from around the world listen to politicians argue over the idea of granting all illegal aliens American citizenship, countless amnesty hopefuls have begun illegally gaining entry into America at an unprecedented rate. As more and more squeeze in hoping for gifted citizenship, it appears that holding facilities are literally busting at the seams as more and more flood in.

We’ve earlier reported that the Feds have taken to actually transporting these illegal’s across the country in order to free up space in detainment centers along the southern border. What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that they’re now advertising for baby sitters as they literally need a hand in dealing with the influx.

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As it turns out, several of those hopping fences are actually minors trying to gain entry without any adults in hope to one day become an American. Border patrol has since stepped forward with a memo declaring a need for anyone with, “child care or juvenile teaching and/or counseling,” experience to assist with these unaccompanied minors.

Now, the worst part in all this is that all these illegal aliens will soon be released – under the current order of Obama – with nothing more than a court date to hold them accountable for their actions. It doesn’t take much to understand why the almost 100% majority aren’t seen from that point on.

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Obama has created a defenseless America in order to one-sidedly fluff up the voting demographic. In a selfish partisan policy, Obama has literally allowed for an infestation to occur and its beginning to deteriorate this house. There needs to be serious action taken in which those who violate our nation’s law are held accountable – only then can we hope to limit this influx of societal and economic degradation.

Let us know what you think of Obama’s transparent and intentional stand on illegal immigrants in the comments below.

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