Veteran Publicly DESTROYS Obama On Iraq Incompetency

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It doesn’t take much to see how veterans that did tours over in Iraq, and have lost parts of themselves (both mentally and physically), would be completely outraged at the ground lost, completely at the hands of Obama, in Iraq. Recently taking to publicly note this, one veteran had a few less-than-polite words for our incompetent Commander-in-Chief.

The situation over in Iraq is quite dire at the moment with the ISIS – a Muslim extremist terror group – as they continue their march for country takeover. Killing virtually anyone they can get their hands on, outrage is a universally worldwide sentiment regarding the crisis.

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As Obama withdrew our troops from the country and hasn’t looked back, despite them pleading for help at the current moment, Obama is remaining firm on his no action policy. Promising that no troops will be sent over to Iraq, our highly conscionable Commander-in-Chief said he might consider airstrikes if he finds himself in the mood.

Those who fought in the country, bled for those people, and suffered however are none too pleased with Obama’s lackadaisical response. Iraq war vet J.R. Salzman is just one of the many who are completely frustrated with our Liberal President and has taken to publicly call him out on the matter.

Take a peek below at the series of tweets released by Salzman:







So what do you think – was Salzman spot on? Let us know in the comments below.

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