Watch Kanye West Completely Lose It On Crowd After Getting Booed

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Kanye West is known for his arrogant and entirely self consumed personality in which he recently demonstrated once again during a concert he was holding. Apparently someone in the press had hurt Kanye’s feeling which led to a serious rant in which Kanye – of course – completely lost his mind.

According to Kanye, someone in the media wrote, “f*ck Kanye,” – a notion that seems highly unlikely (at least by any credible and reputable news outlet) – leaving the audience the only scapegoat for his frustration. After he began his heated spiel though, it seemed the crowd grew bored of his antics rather quickly and took to booing him in order to steer him back on track – you know, get him singing again, his job.

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Well, West did what West always does; whatever he wants, and continued his obscenity laced rant, except now he turned a bit of that bruised ego outrage on the fans themselves. Fortunately for the audience though, he quickly took to singing again before he was able to get booed any more, in which case he probably would have stormed off stage in an adult sized temper tantrum.

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