BREAKING: ISIS Terrorist Group Now Declaring Victory Over Obama


June 14, 2014 8:00pm PST

As the crisis in Iraq continues to rage on it appears that Obama has taken to doing what he does best – absolutely nothing. Countless citizens have taken to fleeing the country in effort to save their own lives, and as the ISIS – the terrorist group taking over Iraq – continues to kill countless innocents and soldiers, Obama has recently announced that we will not be putting troops on the ground but will consider helping via airstrike.

The once again lackadaisical response offered by the President has since given the terrorist group the opportunity to claim victory over not only Obama, but America.

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Although we as a people are tired of war, and sick of losing our brave men and women in uniform, we hold ourselves as a nation to a higher standard willing to help those in the direst of need. As Obama once again makes America look weak and indecisive, it has not only empowered the evil of the world to continue their dastardly deeds, but to declare victory over our once great and powerful nation.

Feel free to let us know exactly how you think Obama has shifted the appearance of America in the comments below.


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