The Swiss Offering Mini-Gun For $5500 But It May Not Be What You Think

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When you hear the word mini-gun you think power and phenomenally fast firing rate, right? Well the Swiss have recently released a gun that is sure to redefine your current expectations of the word.

Meet the Swiss Mini-Gun.


Shooting a miniscule 2.34mm rimfire round that releases just 0.97 joule of energy, the output power is significantly less that of a BB gun or other air powered rifles. Luckily for those looking for a bit of diversity and perhaps individuality the company offers two versions of the tiny piece – stainless steel or solid gold.


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According to Uber Review:

The stainless steel version will ship with a leather holster, 24 live and 24 blank cartridges and a cleaning set. The solid gold version can be customized according to your wishes. You can bling it up with diamonds or whatever you want. Like the stainless steel version, it ships with 24 live and 24 blank cartridges, but it also has a rocket launcher tube and 36 luminous rockets. It is all packed into a green tinted maple presentation box.


Offered at a cool $5418, if the Swiss Mini-Gun were available for shipment to the U.S. (which it’s not), let us know how many you would be ordering in the comments below.

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