Al-Qaeda Now Has A U.S. Black Hawk Helicopter Its Using In Iraq

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Once the al-Qaeda-linked militant group the Islamist States of Iraq and Syria took over Mosul, it was feared they would get their hands on the military technology that the United States provided to Iraq following the war. According to reports, they’ve been able to commandeer at least one Black Hawk helicopter from the Mosul Airport and are using it against the Iraqi military.

ISIS, along with officials from Iraq, have confirmed that the image shown is of their members flying the Black Hawk. Iraqi officials have also confirmed that at least one Black Hawk has been used to attack their military positions within the nation.

The worst irony about all of this is that the ISIS rebels are getting their weapons from neighboring Syria, where Obama has been arming the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in their civil war. The weapons being provided there are pouring over the border into Iraq and providing the much-needed support ISIS needs to carry out its insurrection.

This is what happens when incompetence get elected. Everything Obama has done in the Middle East has caused it to destabilize and created chaos.

Chalk up yet another massive foreign policy failure from the Obama-Clinton strategy.

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