No-Knock Drug Raid By Militarized SWAT Ends Up With Father Dead And Family Traumatized

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A May 16, 2013 no-knock raid on a Fort Worth home ended up with a man dead after police tased him. Helmet cam footage of the raid shows just how violent these dangerous raids can be.

According to Police State USA:

“The raid took place on May 16th, 2013. So-called “Zero Tolerance Officers” from the Fort Worth Police Department staged raid on a suspected “drug house” with the intent of rounding up and imprisoning people for getting high without government permission. Police sought and received permission from Tarrant County Magistrate Cheyenne Minick to break into the home with no warning in order to surprise everyone inside.

As the video shows, sometime after 3:35 p.m., men in helmets and black uniforms sprinted through the yard with shotguns and pistols already drawn. A cop with a large steel battering ram instantly went to the front door and smashed it in without hesitation. From a first-person perspective, the video shows cops running into the home, aggressively screaming and aiming guns.”

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