Police Illegally Strip Search Woman, Force Her To Remove Tampon

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In a gross violation of privacy, a woman was allegedly made to squat and remove her tampon in front of five male police officers. As a woman, the humiliation of such a situation is almost unimaginable.

The incident occurred back in May of 2013 and now a lawsuit has been filed.

Tevin Ford, Caprice Halley and Robert Douglas were stopped by police on suspicion of drug possession. They are claiming that the police planted heroin in order to legitimize the stop. This all led to the trio being illegal strip searched and then Douglas and Halley were arrested.

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Luckily, a neighbor who witnessed what happened that day was smart enough to get it on tape and it seems to corroborate the story told by the three victims of police brutality.

Tevin Ford told a local news station:

“They take my cousin (Douglas) to the gangway next to us and make him pull his pants completely down in broad daylight. In one word, to sum it up, disgusted. I mean for them, not to just illegally search someone, but illegally strip search someone? They had him pull his pants down with one arm. They were looking up under him– saying, what is it? where is it?– they were just looking for whatever they were looking for. It’s not right, they should be prosecuted like they always prosecute someone.”

The police were apparently determined to locate something incriminating, no matter what means they had to employ to find it.

Things got worse after Douglas was strip searched. The lawsuit claims that a female officer then took Halley to a dirty back alley where she was made to remove her pants and undergarments. The officer then instructed her to remove her tampon so that she could search for drugs. Halley pleaded with the officer not to make her do this, as she was menstruating, but the officer showed no mercy. Halley had to comply as the group of male officers looked on and made jokes about her body.

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When no drugs were found on her person, the officer allegedly removed a baggy from her sock and said that she had found it on Halley.

Just when you think the reports of police brutality can’t get any worse, a story like this surfaces. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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