Terrorists Cut Off Policemen’s Head, Post Pic To Twitter Calling It A “Football”

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As the disgusting Muslim extremist group known as the ISIS continue on their warpath to Baghdad, it appears they are the happiest regarding their murderous endeavors. The group recently took to Twitter to celebrate another of their vile acts in which they beheaded a Iraqi police officer where they claimed it to be a football.

The truly sickening spree the terrorists have been on have gained national attention in the recent days as the country stands to fall to the hands of Muslim extremists. As they’ve already conquered far more than they should have been allowed, the group has been using social media platforms for propaganda purposes.

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Attached to the photo of the unfortunately headless policeman was a caption that read, “This is our ball. It is made of skin #WorldCup.” They further described that they’ve also killed at least 1,700 other Shia soldiers while on the warpath.

Although the death and destruction appear far from over, Obama has all but promised to help the country consumed by the uprising. Explaining that he will, in no way, be sending over troops to help out, the only condolence Obama has offered is saying he may consider strategic air strikes if the time is right.

Feel free to let us know the vile nature in which these self-glorified monsters are acting in the comments below.

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