Obama Says No Troops In Iraq But Maybe Airstrikes

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Despite Obama having claimed Iraq to be self-sufficient as he withdrew troops from the nation, it appears that Muslim extremists have regrouped and are making an all out attempt at takeover. As they’ve been successful thus far, and are currently marching onward toward Bagdad, Iraqi officials are pleading for American help once again.

Obama however recently explained that he would not be sending troops back over there, but would be willing to consider launching a few airstrikes if the situation arose.

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The Muslim extremist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have left a wake of destruction as they move to make Iraq a fully Muslim nation with hopes of adopting Sharia law. The situation has become more dire as each passing day countless innocents have been massacred at the hands of the seemingly organized terrorists.

Obama however is remaining firm that this is a problem for Iraq, and one in which they must handle on their own. As America is no longer involved in their country – for the most part – Obama explains that it’s now up to them to deal with their own crises as do all other nations.

He has also relayed though that he will not let the country fall into the hands of terrorists and will enact a series of nonmilitary operations including highly strategic airstrikes meant to cripple ISIS operations. Secretary of State John Kerry recently explained, “We have already taken some immediate steps, including providing enhanced aerial surveillance support to assist the Iraqis in this fight. We have also ramped up shipments of military aid to Iraq since the beginning of the year.”

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The Air Force is apparently standing at the ready to immediately act on any commands if they come in. According to retired Lieutenant Gen. David Deptula, “If you can provide me with the appropriate intelligence we can start doing [air strikes] within 24 hours.”

So what do you guys think – are we obligated to lend a helping hand here? Is Obama offering enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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