Second White Motorist Victim Of Hate Crime From Detroit Mob

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A white, suburban-Detroit resident is recovering in the hospital after he claims he was beaten by a mob of black men following a traffic accident.

On June 7, 34-year-old Nate Szczerbinski said he found himself going the wrong way down a one-way street. He said that he tried to run his vehicle around but before he could complete the turn he got into an accident.

Szczerbinski said that when he got out of his car to check the damage, he was beaten by three black men who were yelling racial slurs.

“I realized I was in trouble … when they started calling me names and stuff,” he said. “I couldn’t run. I couldn’t really protect myself. I would’ve been just asking for more trouble. So, I just prayed to God that something would happen.”

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According to WXYZ-TV, a crowd also formed around the attack and watched, but nobody intervened to stop it.

“I got out to check on what happened, and three guys (from the other vehicle) got mad and started kicking my (expletive),” Szczerbinski said. “They were hollering, ‘White (expletive)’ while they were hitting me.”

According to Szczerbinski, the men who attacked him kicked, hit, and spit on him and one of them even became upset when his fist swelled from beating on him.

He said that two girls did try to help, but he yelled for them to stay away out of fear that they too would be attacked.

He was set to undergo surgery Monday afternoon for his multiple injuries, including a broken eye socket. However doctors decided to postpone until the swelling in his face is reduced.

According to reports, the Detroit Police have arrested one 20-year-old man in connection with the attack and he faces assault charges. Police are still searching for the other two men.

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