Navy’s Awesome New Gun Launches Shells At 5600 MPH!

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Get ready, gun enthusiasts, this new weapon is going to make you drool!

Launching shells at a jaw-dropping 5,600 mph, the Navy’s new supergun is destructive because of it’s speed rather than explosive abilities. Firing at an impressive seven times the speed of sound, it can punch through three walls of reinforced concrete.

It uses electromagnetic technology to launch projectiles. If you prefer Star Wars to Saving Private Ryan, this is your gun!

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Enemy war ships, incoming missiles, and hostile aircraft are all threats that can be neutralized in seconds with this gun.

It’s practical, too! It only costs a fraction of a normal Navy missile. Nice to see the government finally investing in something cost effective. Let’s just hope Obama doesn’t decide to send any of these to our enemies as he has been known to do in the past.

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Stay tuned, the first scheduled test-run of this weapon at sea is in 2016. No doubt there will be some impressive footage to come!

H/T: Tell Me Now

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