Sharpton Really Can’t Help But Make A Fool Of Himself On Live TV

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We all know Sharpton is just a hair above illiterate when it comes to his teleprompter – and potentially more. As we’ve seen in two separate montage videos, he either can’t read all that well, or that newfangled teleprompter technology is just too confusing for the man.

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Most recently it seems that the teleprompter was able to pull off another two wins in just two sentences this time with Sharpton completely eviscerating the words “escalating” and “giddy.” The sad thing is, this isn’t the first time Sharpton has messed up on this exact word – that dang “giddy” has bit him in the past.

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Take a peed at the video above and let us know exactly how big a fool you think Sharpton is in the comments below.

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