Why Does Al-Qaeda Have Taxpayer-Funded Weapons And Humvees?

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In the process of taking over several cities in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has gained control of more than just the second largest city in the nation, they’ve also seized American military equipment.

Pictures have emerged of Omar as-Shishani, who’s the top Islamist leader from Chechnya, riding around and getting out of an American Humvee in Mosul. It’s worth noting that Chechnya is where the Boston Bombers came from as well.

However, Obama would have us believe that al-Qaeda is on the run and that the war on terror is over. Along with that narrative he would like us to believe that these extremists don’t pose a threat to Western nations so releasing five Taliban commanders will have little to no impact on us.

Anyways, the Iraqi forces that the U.S. spent years training to stabilize their country have fled their posts in Mosul while al-Qaeda insurgents invaded, leaving behind all the expensive equipment we provided them with. So, needless to say the militants are enjoying their new Uncle Sam-funded toys.

Now they’re riding around in our Humvees and using our weapons against the same people we tried to help, and what’s Obama doing about it?

“Closely monitoring” the situation.

Since it’s not politically convenient for him to act he’s not going to. In fact, he’ll more than likely let this go until our intervention would be pointless.

Even the rogue state of Iran has sent their own forces to help the Iraqi military and citizen-soldiers who are rising up to quell the evil they face, but Obama’s sitting on his hands, again. This is yet another example of the disastrous Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has destabilized the entire Middle East.

Way to go team!

Obama Fails To Act, Iran Deploys Troops To Aid Citizen Fighters In War-Torn Iraq


[H/T: AmericanOverlook]


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