Hallmark Releases Controversial Card That Is Offending Christians Everywhere

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As Father’s Day will be soon upon us, it appears as though Liberal tolerance has infected yet another aspect of American lives. Recently announced, Hallmark is set to offer a news series of LGBT eCard for the upcoming celebration.

Now readily available for purchase are cards designed for parents of the same sex, because after all, “two is better than one.” Needless to say, the LGBT community is about ecstatic over the announcement.

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Kylie Wu recently stated, “I’m so proud to be the artist involved in making the first ever same-sex Hallmark eCard featuring two gay dads, and I’m proud of Hallmark for celebrating people’s differences! It doesn’t matter who’s in it, LOVE makes a family.”

Not everyone is happy however as the Christian community has recently bemoaned the decision for such an acknowledgment. What do you guys think – does this cross the line? Let us know in the comments below.

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