Convention Of The States Underway

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As Obama continues to demonstrate that he will do anything and everything he likes without repercussion, many are outraged by his treasonous mindset. In an effort to rein in the current reality, several politicians have not only began to consider, but enact, a convention of the states.

It currently stands in the very beginning of such an operation, but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Amongst the beginning talking portion of the movement, several political and state heads will be heading to Indianapolis to discuss their future views of the plan unfolding.

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According to The Blaze:

No actual amendments will be discussed at the Assembly of State Legislatures meeting Thursday and Friday at the Indiana State House, Wisconsin state Rep. Chris Kapenga said, only setting the rules for how an Article Five convention would be handled. Lawmakers from 30 states are taking part.

“As a body we are not touching amendment subject matter and take no stance,” Kapenga, a Republican, told The Blaze. “We do not take a stance on amendment issues. This body is about process.”

In deciding on the rules, attendees to the meeting could consider such matters as how many delegates each state would have at a convention, who would appoint them and the process for considering a specific amendment.

The group of state lawmakers has no legal authority, but is putting forth a consensus blueprint for rules of the convention of the states, which would be ultimately decided by the convention or by state legislatures.

As many of we Americans feel, it’s about time that our elected politicians began representing “we the people.” Through an Article V Convention of the States, America can take back her rights from greedy politicians that have done away with liberties in the pursuit of self-interest.

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Although, they’re just in the talking phase, these politicians have already explained that they will be setting another meeting for later this year where they will get into the specifics and hope to have the Convention of the States fully underway sometime during 2015.

What do you guys think – would hitting the reset button be a good thing for America? Let us know in the comments below.

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