SICKENING: Cop Urinates On Disabled Man In Wheelchair

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In Toronto, Canada, a disabled man was the unfortunate victim of appalling police brutality when he was urinated on by an officer while sitting helplessly in his wheelchair. What’s more, police denied that this incident ever occurred for years. They attempted to hide the damning surveillance footage, but it has now surfaced, making them look like a bunch of idiot bullies.

The paraplegic man, Udhbirprasaud Bhikram, goes by the name “Joe”. Although he is not an English speaker, police say that they heard him utter a death threat to an officer back in 2009. That’s what started this whole mess.

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Though the charge was later confirmed as false, police still detained Joe. Once at the station, they stripped him of most of his clothes and left him in a cell alone. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Officers entered the cell where Joe was being held and knocked him to the ground. He suffered a cracked hip from the attack.

One of the officers proceeded to unzip his pants, remove his penis, and dribble urine onto Joe.

Joe is claiming that the surveillance footage has been tampered with, as it has been edited in a few different places to remove the most incriminating moments of police brutality. This seems entirely likely, as the cops claimed that it didn’t exist at all for so many years. They certainly had ample time to edit it to cover their tracks.

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Joe explained emotionally:

“The video is mutilated, it’s been tampered with. The urination and the cop flicking his penis at me, that’s not included in the video. They have it and they will never show it, because what happened…is going to be international if it’s disclosed. That’s my feeling. That’s why I am crying. That’s why I haven’t got justice yet.”

These sadistic cops arrested a disabled man for no reason at all other than to toy mercilessly with a helpless victim. Instead of picking on someone their own size, they targeted a man who would be unable to fight back. If this atrocity could happen to Joe, it could happen to anyone, as he did nothing to provoke the incident. It is unthinkable that these officers are charged with the task of ensuring public safety.

It’s hard to imagine a more sickening example of police brutality than this, although reports of such run rampant in the news lately. Unfortunately, even as the media continues to expose this terrible trend, it shows no sign of slowing. Let us know how this newest report makes you feel in the comments section.

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