Idiot Liberals Intentionally Use Fake Hunting Pic To Chastise Metallica Singer

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Liberals are often wrong in their accusations when it comes to hot-button items, and was recently proven to be the case that resulted in the famous heavy metal band Metallica being kicked off the list for a festival performance.

It all started when a bunch of animal rights activists got together and started hurling accusations at Metallica singer James Hetfield for being a brutal animal slayer. As more and more ignoramuses hopped on the hate train, it wasn’t long before an upcoming concert that Metallica was supposed to sing in was cancelled because of the Liberal firestorm.

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As it turns out, these morons got the show cancelled by using a pic that didn’t even have Hetfield in it – it was actually a different hunting enthusiast named Doug Giles. Speaking with reporters, Giles shared, “It’s hilarious. You’d think protests to be a little bit more stringent in their protesting.”

Despite his magnificent kill shot being credited to someone else, Giles opened up about the most frustrating aspect in all this. “’What he does is legal, what he does is what the planet has done since Adam and Eve. Now they want to ban [him], because his pursuits don’t happen to line up with their cause, which I think is b******t.”

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Liberal ideology at its greatest – let ‘em have it in the comments below.

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