Obama Defying Americans, Giving Anti-Air Weapons To Syrian Rebels

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Obama has been a man, destined from the get-go, to do exactly as he desires, no matter the law or the effect is has on the American people. After American intervention in the Syrian crisis was strongly outspoken against by the American people, it appears that Obama is still planning to continuing on with his narcissistic agenda.

Now, as we reported earlier today, weapons we had given to the Iraqi people in order to be used against Muslim extremists in the area have been seized by surging terrorists – so what does that mean with regards to how careful we are? As previously noted, it goes without saying that Americans do not want to intervene with a war that has far preceded Obama’s recent interest, nor do we want to spend money on Muslims killing Muslims – so why are we?

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Well, Obama apparently is not acting alone in his decision to fork over weaponry that will undoubtedly fall into hands they weren’t intended for. California Democrat Diane Feinstein (go figure), as well as Michigan Republican Mike Rogers have aligned to bring forward a suggestion not voted upon yet that aims to arm the rebels.

Now of course, they’re boasting strict regulations – i.e. clear definition of who is receiving the weapons, and a limit of how many go out – but the fact that politicians are clearly not listening to their constituents is a real problem here. Government is out of control and with the likes of selfish Obama in the White House, the rest are following in monkey-see-monkey-do fashion.

What do you guys think – why are politicians so gung-ho on spending our hard earned tax payer dollars on a war that we’re not involved in? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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