“F**king Disgusting Meatheads”: Liberals Have Field Day With Celebrity Hunter

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Ah, Liberals and their highly hypocritical rants – you just have to love ‘em. Recently quite the nasty pack of progressives took to hurling obscenity laced insults on a celebrity after he posted a picture of a bear he killed on Facebook.

Many of you know Joe Rogan – the former Fear Factor host, UFC commentator and marital artist. Well, recently he decided to go hunting with a buddy of his up in Canada where he managed to bag a black bear with just a bow.


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As you can imagined he was a little ecstatic with his kill and decided to celebrate by not only posting a pic with himself, his buddy and the deceased bear on facebook, but also his dinner where he later cooked up some bear meat.


Enter liberal butt hurt.

Pretty soon, Rogan was under assault from a flurry of tweets in which angry Liberals were so mad that he killed such a majestic creature. Included in the tweets were, “total waste,” “poor bear,” and even, “f*king disgusting meatheads,” not including these doozies:


Rogan however, took to defending himself quite well as he released a series of tweets explaining his view on the matter:

hunter2 hunter3 hunter4 hunter5 hunter6

So what do you guys think – how many of these Liberals do you think eat animals they only don’t watch die? Let us know how hypocritical you think this is in the comments below.

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