Going Green? Gabby Giffords’ Dog Mauls A Baby Seal On The Beach

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Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords seems to find herself in the news quite often between being the victim of a crazed gunman and her push for more strict gun control with her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly. However it’s unlikely she would have ever expected what happened above when her pet dog attacked, then killed a baby seal.

The video emerged on an underground site and was uploaded by an unidentified user. It shows a tan and white pit bull that has latched on to a baby seal right by the water’s edge.

Two women are struggling with the animals, trying to get them to separate but it does them no good. It wasn’t until Giffords husband intervened and grabbed the dog that it released the seal, which also appeared to kill the animal as its throat was ripped out at the same time.

Then they simply walk away and leave the seal, without even checking to see if it can be saved.

There’s no word on where the incident occurred, however the video surfaced on Wednesday.

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