Surging Iraqi Terrorists Capturing Stockpiles Of American Munitions

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Everything we fear as American troops withdrawal from underdeveloped nations trying to regain their authoritative footing within their own countries is starting to become a reality. After backing out of Iraq just three years ago, terrorists (ISIS) have begun to take over the once American occupied nation.

As they continue to surge forward, capturing more and more land it seems that there may be an even greater danger that has risen from their path of destruction. According to a facebook page set up by the ISIS, terrorists are now boasting that as they cause Iraqi forces to flee, they are leaving behind arsenals of munitions – many of which were gifted to them by America.



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In effect, American weapons are now in the hands of terrorists – the very entities that such weaponry was sent there to combat. Instead, both Obama’s and Iraq’s incompetence has lead to terrorists seizing and acquiring weapons that are far beyond their technological ability and comprehension.



Take a peek at the photos and let us know how angry this makes you in the comments below.

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