New Map Shows The IQ’s Of Americans

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Congratulations, Massachusetts, you are the smartest state in America!

A new map shows the intelligence levels of Americans based on something a bit unusual: tweets. As social media continues to permeate our society to the point where the youngest generation barely knows how to communicate face to face with one another, a study such as this was bound to happen.

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500,000 Twitter messages were collected from people all across America who use the social media platform. Then they were scored based on grammar, spelling and word choice using a computer algorithm. The test appears to be pretty spot on, as it correlates closely with recent national education performance statistics. If you zoom in on a state on the map below, you will see where they rank in terms of IQ.


This same process was used to score reading levels across the country. Sadly, most states rank at between a fourth and sixth grade reading level. You can zoom in on a state in the map below to see where they rank among the reading levels in the U.S.

Surprisingly, high school graduation rates did not match up with the country’s tweeting abilities.

Take a gander at the maps and see how your state measures up!

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