Ladies On The View Look Like Complete Fools Spouting Off False-Facts About Guns

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You just have to love when gun grabbers try to educate those that clearly know more on the matter than they do. So was recently the case as the ladies on The View recently decided to suggest that we need to do away with guns because they’re the most effective way of killing people.

The conversation started out surrounding the recent killing at an Oregon school in which a gunman came in, killed a freshman student and then turned the gun on himself. Of course, Liberals love taking advantage of a little grave dancing to get their point across which is exactly what they decided to do.

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Suggesting that if guns weren’t around, these murderers would not have been able to do the things they do, the asinine argument only goes on from there. Despite The Blaze’s Will Cain arguing that the facts offered were entirely untrue – and even going so far as to bring up the Santa Barbara Killer, who beyond shooting people, also ran over people in his car and stabbed people with a knife – the Liberals were clearly unwilling to listen to reason.

That’s perhaps the hardest thing when arguing with Liberals, is that even when they get their facts wrong they’re both unwilling to listen to the truthful facts and, of course, unwilling to admit they were wrong. As this proved to be the case, Cain suggested that by demonizing guns, you are effectively hurting legal and law-abiding gun citizens, but this was irrelevant to the progressive sheep.

Instead, they turned their sights once again onto the deadliness of guns saying that those pesky little things keep killing people. Now here’s really where things get good.

Sherri Shepherd perhaps made herself look like the biggest of asses as she tried to convey that “semi-automatic” gun fire give shooters the ability to “spray,” bullets everywhere. Sadly this means that one thing is true – the mainstream media of gun brainwashing and demonization is not only working, but effective.

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Gun grabbers know little about gun owners or the workings of guns, and instead get their information from brainless drones like Shepherd proving for an impossible debate. Instead, we’re forced to defend our rights against those that wish to strip them from us because of the actions of others.

What do you guys think – will Liberals ever truly understand the ridiculousness that they argue? Let us know in the comments below.

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